• Eliminates Tampering by so-called filling pirates (Dual outlet connection) Recently a lot of contaminated Co2 has found it's way into the Beverage industry, so we developed a system with a filling connection which can not be tampered with. This connection is also a quick connection, which is essential in the Co2 business. To gain time when filing, the outlet can be a standard C02 connection or a special connection.
  • EYE valve feature
    This feature enables the user to have an accurate liquid level indication regardless of internal cylinder temperature and internal gas pressure. This feature which is incorporated in the EPO-1 type valve is used by all the Beer manufacturers in Japan and is extremely popular. This level Indicator ensures the reduction of excessive cylinder stocks both from the C02 gas company as well as the user side. The level Indicator is totally safe, as high pressure gas is isolated from the Indicator, therefore eliminating accident risk.
  • Unl-Valve feature (RPV)
    This feature is also incorporated (vide features of the Uni-Valve)
  • Regulating Valve
    We have also incorporated a regulating valve which has a fixed pressure of 8bars, this enables the user to connect directly to soft drink dispensers.

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