Our DS-3H, DS-3F, DSP-3H & DS-3M valves are carefully designed to obtain particle-free, high air tightness, super-clean products. This design, in turn prevents - gas leakage and minimizes the dead space area.

Our valves are manufactured with the latest up to date technology as well as the highest quality control systems currently available. The valves are assembled in our high tech clean room assembly (classl0) and all valves are inspected, at all levels, with a Helium leak detector apparatus to 10' atm cc/sec.


  • 2X10' sealing integrity
  • Springless diaphragm design Particle-free & minimum dead space
  • Normally closed position
  • Gland section with double-seal structure
  • Recessed Pressure Relief Device
  • DISS outlet is available
  • Open/Close indication is available as an option
  • The off-set radius of the valve
    Allows usage of a standard cylinder neck-ring and cap
    - therefore a non negligible cost saving feature
  • Purgeable seat design (DSP-3H) is also available
    This feature greatly reduces the time necessary for purging, as you can simply connect to the purging line, and initiate purging. This feature is recommended for corrosive gases, as you are able to keep the inside clean, preventing rust from premature attacks on the materials

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