• Much lighter handle operation
  • Modified and improved torque, well below ISO requirements
  • Much higher sealing integrity 1 Double O-ring, Instead of single 0-rlng
  • Much longer life
  • Adaptation of metal sealing on the gland nut

  • Purging and vacuuming of cylinders is eliminated
    Positive pressure of approximately 3bars. Contamination is eliminated even if the valve is left open, eliminating the risk of internal corrosion of the cylinder. These features ensure high quality gas without having to purge or vacuum, ensuring great cost saving, and plant rationalization.

  • Backflow is prevented during mixing
    Our special check mechanism prevents the higher pressure gas from entering the lower pressure gas cylinder.

  • Backflow is prevented in the Beverage industry
    Our special mechanism prevents Beer/Soft drinks from contaminating the cylinders.

  • Simple high quality design and construction
    Our RPV cassette is preset at our factories and can be replaced
    if necessary. By using a Check rod you can verify the presence of residual pressure within seconds.

  • Universal type of UNI VALVE is also available
    This model has the RPV mechanism in a forward position in the
    outlet, which enables you to use an adapter which can fill both

    RPV valves as well as conventional or standard valves.

  • UNI Valves (RPV) for 300 bar version

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