• Our D-7CU Liquid/Vapor diaphragm type valve is suitable for 23 - 50 lbs. Capacity cylinders are also available in Single outlet, for either Vapor or Liquid applications (available for half ton or ton Containers).
  • High sealing integrity
  • Tamper evidence
    In this design we have incorporated a system which allows you to check if the cylinder has been tampered wih.
  • Positive pressure of 0.1 bar (1.4psig)
    Eliminates need to vacume cylinders Harmful ODC's are not vented into the atmosphere. Keeps the integrity of Refrigerant gas in the cylinders preventing gas contamination. Decreases the Dew-point in the cylinder internally, which is excellent for filling plant rationalization.
  • Backflow prevention
    This keeps the inside of the cylinder clean and therefore can extend the cylinder's life.
  • Prevents Oil-laden, contaminated gas, entering the cylinder.
  • Easy operation
  • Simply push a button to make the Quick connection and another to start filling the gas.

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