Neriki's unique Check Valve series are environment friendly because our U-4 and U-6 type check valves eliminate the venting of harmful ODCs into the atmosphere; (This is achieved through POSITIVE PRESSURE AND BACK FLOW PREVENTATION)

Because of their uniqueness and reliability, the Neriki check valves for Refrigerants, are widely used around the globe by most major Refrigerant gas manufactures & major distributors. We currently have over 2 million pieces in service world-wide since introduction to the market.

In the Canadian market, we have 100% of the market share with our DCU-2 (U-6) model, which is being used for the SRC market (Small Returnable Cylinders).Disposable Cylinders which have been outlawed, to protect the earth's increasingly fragile Ozone layer. We at Neriki, are very proud of this achievement.

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