This series of our stainless steel valves are the most popular, and are widely used in Japan, Taiwan, Korea and other Asian countries. With this we are renowned as the symbol of the valve manufacture for the semiconductor industry. Since the introduction of this valve on the market, we have supplied around 200,000 valves and enjoy a high reputation.

  • 2x10»╣║ sealing integrity
  • Gland section with double-seal structure
  • DISS outlet available
  • Assembled in our high tech clean room (class10)
  • Precision-machined finish for internal surface is
    less then R-max 4Ám, and up to R-max 0.4 Ám is also
    available upon specific request
  • Packaged individually in nitrogen sealed Polyethylene
    bags to eliminate dust
  • Our world designed construction has taken into account
    minimum particle generation

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