We are pleased to introduce our newly developed stainless steel Manual valves for special gases.

Springless diaphragm design.

Particle-free & minimum dead space.

  • An excellent Cv value of 0.8 to expand gas application
    The valve passage diameter is 7mm and the flow rate is 2.5 times compared with the current valve.
  • Easy refurbishment
    Because of the seat plug, the insert and diaphragm are assembled in one package making maintenance easy.
  • Double-sealing design Two
    (2) o-rings and a leak port plug on the upper part of the diaphragm minimizes leakage if the diaphragm is broken.
  • Non-loosening packing nut
    The fixing bolt protects the package nut from loosening when the valve is subjected to chocks during transport and usage.
  • Tied-diaphragm type
    Solid and precise welding technology ensures high durability
  • Recessed pressure relief device

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