Neriki's unique designs, in the Medical field have been developed while taking into consideration the Patients, Hospital workers and Gas suppliers.

Our philosophy is to always listen to the market demands. Once again we have done this and these valves have proved to be very popular and widely used.

  • Visible gas contents indicator (EYE)
    This has been incorporated in our GY-22 Pin-index type valve and our GY-24 Medical valve.
  • Safety
    Safety is one of our highest priorities. This system is much safer then conventional types guages as no gass leakage will occure if the indiciator is broken due to our non pressurized construction.
  • Lower breaking risk
    Because of the design of our EYE system, which is In-line with the valve, it is much safer than a protruding pressure gauge, therefore reducing accidents from occurring.
  • Lighter and Compact
    The EYE design helps reduce the weight and size of the valves, making them very popular with patients, whom are less burdened.
  • Smooth Flow
    This unique system reduces the risk of Oxygen ignition, and has enabled us to construct the valve with a very low operating torque, making it very easy to use by weak patients and nurses.

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