The unique temper proof U-6 check valve is inserted at the back of the outlet.

The DCU-2 type valves, which incorporates the U-6 check valves are for Vapor, Liquid or Liquid/Vapor. This model is well suited for 30lbs (15kgs) SRC which are replacing the DAKs (Disposable Cylinders).

The DCU-3 type valves which incorporates the U-6 check valves are also available for Vapor, Liquid or Liquid/Vapor and are suitable for the medium size cylinders, 125lbs (50kgs).


  • High sealing Integrity
    The high quality of materials and high precision of our Machine ensures, excellent Tightness.
  • Tamper Proof
    Our unique design, of the check valve eliminates tampering, such as using your cylinders as Recovery Cylinders.
  • Positive Pressure of 0.1bar (1.4psig)
    Eliminates the need to vacuum cylinders Harmful ODCs are not vented into the atmosphere. Keeps the integrity of the Refrigerant gas in the cylinders, preventing gas contamination. Decreases the Dew-point in the cylinder further with each refill. Eliminates the need to clean the cylinder internally, which is excellent for filling plant rationalization.
  • Backflow prevention
    This keeps the inside of the cylinder clean and therefore can extend the cylinder's life. Prevents Oil-laden, contaminated gas entering the cylinder.
  • Easy operation
  • Simply push a button to make the Quick Connection and another to start filling the gas.

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