Inspection Division

Complete quality control for BBB Valves

At Neriki, we manufacture within the strictest quality control standards to provide our customers with satisfaction from products they can trust. Our basic attitude is ”to sell quality, not just products”. From design and material supply to inspection of rinsing, assembling and accuracy, a high level of quality control is maintained thanks to our superior manufacturing technology and many years of experience.

SEM (Scanning electron microscope)

Lets look at one example of that quality. Ultra-clean gas cylinder valves, used in the manufacture of semiconductors, are cleaned by ultra-micro rinsing in a clean room in order to remove any impurities, such as oil, dust particles and moisture. We have established the optimum complete quality control system., adapted to each kind of valve.


Measurement of specific gravity

Contour Measuring Instrument

Precision control of parts using a computer

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